To foster innovation
To bring out the best in people
To leave a positive impact
To promote sustainability at work
To build your brand and your business
To curate environments for increased productivity and efficiency.


Workspace that Champions People and Purpose

As global leaders in office architecture, 6t5 Workspace has been at the forefront of designing and delivering innovative buildings for over 15 years. Our approach is rooted in human-centric principles, placing significant emphasis on the interplay between individuals and their environment.


Employing an “inside out” methodology, we prioritize our client’s objectives before crafting architecture that seamlessly aligns with the needs of both the business and its workforce. Through the integration of strategy, design, and construction, we consistently achieve remarkable outcomes.


Utilizing behavior-based design techniques, we tailor architecture to the specific behaviors exhibited by the occupants of the spaces we create.

6t5 Workspace architects must exhibit the courage to experiment with form, proportions, materials, and technology to forge a more sustainable future.

Space should cater to individuals and communities alike. We analyze how individuals navigate and engage with your surroundings, assessing the functionality of the space for its inhabitants. Through real-time research, we devise more efficient methods for people to interact with their environment.


Whether you’re envisioning a shell and core building or a comprehensive inside-out project, we at 6t5 Workspace offer services ranging from master planning to construction. Our interdisciplinary team collaborates seamlessly on design and implementation, from initial research and strategic planning to integrating sustainability practices. Moreover, we provide project planning and due diligence services, encompassing feasibility studies and cost estimation.


Above all, we believe that architecture should yield spaces that nurture their occupants. Our approach yields environments that enhance individuals’ daily experiences, fostering a sense of belonging and connection.

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