To foster innovation
To bring out the best in people
To leave a positive impact
To promote sustainability at work
To build your brand and your business
To curate environments for increased productivity and efficiency.

Brand experience

Craft your brand identity through an immersive workspace

Immersive experiences within innovative workplace designs breathe life into brands, captivating individuals and fostering a deep affinity with their surroundings.


The workplace serves as a powerful platform for storytelling, captivating audiences and instilling enthusiasm for a brand. Our global team at 6t5 Workspace specializes in crafting diverse brand experiences tailored to your project objectives. Clients frequently seek our expertise for:


  1. Crafting distinctive atmospheres tailored to specific office environments and target audiences
  2. Adapting global brands to local contexts to foster community and enhance engagement
  3. Strategically guiding the spatial layout for employees and visitors alike
  4. Refreshing workplace guidelines across a portfolio of properties


At the heart of every office branding endeavor lies the company’s vision, values, and culture. This foundation enables us to deliver impactful messages seamlessly integrated into the workplace design. Our approach ensures a deep connection between individuals and the brand’s essence, resulting in an environment that feels uniquely authentic from the moment they step inside. Indeed, first impressions are more crucial than ever before.

The goal of brand experience is to humanize the workplace, utilizing design to bolster connection, culture, and wellbeing.

Our project services

Once the project goals and creative approach are established, we provide a variety of design services aimed at crafting a distinctive experience.


Design guidelines

Interactive experiences and installations

Signage and wayfinding

Environmental graphics

Art curation and collaborations with artists

Brand accessorizing

Fabrication and installation


In essence, we have the capacity to enhance the workplace experience through deliberate interventions that impact behavior and alter perceptions. Our team comprises strategic designers, branding experts, and leaders in exhibition design and retail concepts. They will translate your business objectives and brand narratives into immersive and captivating experiences tailored to your office environment.

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