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Change management

Facilitating Understanding and Embracing Change

In our collaborative ventures with clients, we take on the pivotal role of delivering change management services, guiding their personnel to comprehend the hows and whys behind evolving workspaces, and illuminating the value embedded within these transformations. By doing so, we empower your enterprise to foster alignment between individuals and a vision they can wholeheartedly embrace. Our change management initiatives commence with the inception of workplace strategy and persist throughout project execution and beyond.


Approaching change with sensitivity empowers businesses to enhance employee retention, diminish resistance, and bolster adoption rates, thereby mitigating numerous associated risks. As a design firm deeply rooted in human-centric principles, we staunchly advocate for thoughtful change management as an indispensable ingredient for fostering thriving, resilient businesses.

Comprehensive Workplace Change Management Services

Our scope encompasses:



– Defining the current, transitional, and future states

– Identifying potential areas of resistance

– Structuring the change management team

– Equipping the change management team

– Identifying sponsors, assessing their support and competencies



– Formulating a robust communications plan

– Internally championing the sponsorship roadmap

– Crafting and executing a coaching plan

– Devising a resistance management strategy

– Creating and disseminating a training plan



– Orchestrating communication and engagement initiatives

– Implementing communication and engagement strategies

– Gathering and analyzing feedback

– Identifying gaps and addressing resistance

– Gauging change adoption and usage

– Formulating a corrective action plan

– Implementing corrective measures and commemorating achievements

– Transitioning to the new “business as usual” state

An increasing number of businesses are seeking to fortify their distinct culture and elevate employees' feelings of belonging and identity. M Moser has been actively pursuing this objective through our strategy services and workplace projects.

Lawrence Lok, Director of Workplace Strategy, M Moser Associates

Our primary objective in change management is to comprehend, strategize, communicate, execute, and uphold the values and aspirations inherent within each project. This steadfast commitment ensures superior outcomes and seamless transitions towards novel modes of operation.


Initially, we meticulously assess the client’s business landscape, the magnitude of change, stakeholders involved, anticipated resistance levels, and requisite behavioral adjustments when devising strategies. Subsequently, we collaborate closely with internal teams and stakeholders to ensure the dissemination of consistent messaging as they navigate change within their respective spheres.


Lastly, we gauge the efficacy of our change management endeavors through the utilization of data and technology tools such as space utilization studies and surveys. This keen focus on success metrics empowers us to iterate and tailor our approach in alignment with evolving business requirements and team dynamics.

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