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Construction management

Start-to-finish construction management and administration

Reduce your workload and allow 6t5 Workspace to manage your construction company for you. From pre-construction and contracting to construction administration and closeout, we utilize our design-led model to oversee your project with ease and efficiency.


Our interdisciplinary Design Team involves clients in a thorough process that encompasses presenting a cartoon set, conducting specialized quality control reviews, fostering relationships with overseeing agencies, and integrating feedback.


The outcome is a high-quality bid set that encompasses budgetary, technical, and regulatory requirements.

Your dedicated construction manager at 6t5 Workspace will provide guidance and suggestions regarding pricing and selection throughout the project. Collaborating with a team of construction administration specialists, you’ll mitigate risks by effectively coordinating consultants and contractors while directly managing your supply chain.


Our approach guarantees that you maintain control over ultimate decisions and remain well-informed at every stage of the process.


At 6t5 Workspace, we specialize in providing comprehensive construction management services from inception to completion and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to assist you with your upcoming project.

Creating sustainable spaces is a fundamental aspect of our ethos at 6t5 Workspace. We implement environmentally-friendly principles within our own offices and endeavor to extend the same commitment to our global clients, fostering responsible business growth.

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