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Inclusive Design

Design is Universally Inclusive

Inclusivity has always been of paramount importance, but today, the significance of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) has escalated to new heights. While inclusivity should be a fundamental consideration in any domain, we’ve crafted this service specifically to assist clients seeking to exceed conventional expectations.


Inclusive design necessitates comprehensive consideration of various facets of diversity, encompassing, but not limited to, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, race, and ethnicity.


It profoundly impacts every aspect of an organization, spanning innovation, leadership, brand identity, and financial performance. Consequently, numerous organizations have dedicated considerable efforts to integrate DE&I into their cultural fabric, leadership frameworks, and recruitment practices.


Nevertheless, certain work environments may hinder progress in these areas.

Why Prioritize Inclusivity in Design?

Put simply, it’s the morally right thing to do. Among the myriad benefits are:


Fostering Innovation: Research demonstrates a significant uptick in innovation and creativity within organizations that prioritize DE&I. This manifests in their culture, recruitment strategies, operational methodologies, and physical workspaces.


Attraction and Retention: Recruiting individuals who offer diverse perspectives and skills injects fresh vitality into organizations. Beyond mere attraction, retaining talent is paramount. Inclusive design fosters a sense of belonging for all stakeholders.


Shaping Brand Identity and Culture: Workplaces serve as tangible embodiments of an organization’s brand and culture. They communicate messages to customers, investors, prospective employees, and, most crucially, existing staff. It’s about authentically living organizational values.

How We Approach Inclusive Design

At 6t5 Workspace, we integrate DE&I considerations throughout our engagement and design processes. This ethos is ingrained in the fabric of our global, diverse, woman-owned firm. Collaborating with clients, we delve into their objectives and experiences, translating insights into actionable design solutions. Subsequently, we assist in crafting workspaces conducive to diversity, equity, and inclusion, addressing overarching concepts and minute details alike.

To cultivate work environments that foster inclusivity, we adhere to several core principles. Firstly, we acknowledge and celebrate individual uniqueness. Secondly, we design spaces with universality in mind, ensuring seamless participation devoid of friction or barriers. Lastly, we prioritize providing ample variety, privacy, and comfort to all.

Our Inclusive Design Services

Our inclusive design service meticulously caters to the spectrum of human needs, uniting individuals to unleash their fullest potential.


Discovery: We conduct comprehensive gap analyses, aligning your policies and aspirations with your physical space. Many clients utilize this process to advocate for transformative change.


Engagement: Our interactive workshops facilitate open dialogue within your teams, offering a platform to disseminate information about your initiatives. Additionally, these sessions serve as invaluable opportunities to glean insights into staff needs and values.


Briefing: We facilitate effective communication between your teams, crafting a design brief that encapsulates your DE&I framework across workplace design, culture, and operations.


Design Strategy: Leveraging our expertise, we develop a holistic framework comprising diverse space types, configurations, and environments tailored to your organization’s inclusivity requirements.


Design Review: We meticulously scrutinize existing spaces or plans, identifying subtle yet impactful adjustments that enhance inclusivity within your workspace.

Prioritizing the health and wellness of all employees is essential for boosting performance and preventing burnout.

A Blueprint for the Future: Whitepaper by M Moser, Fasken, and Colliers.

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