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MEP engineering

Engineering Integrated Workspaces

People are inherently complex, and so are the workspaces that best cater to their needs. The most effective work environments seamlessly blend elegant design, optimum functionality, and technical excellence.


Creating such spaces demands a multidisciplinary approach encompassing design, specification, construction, and management for cutting-edge, technically advanced workspaces. Whether it’s ensuring compliance with building codes or meeting stringent health and safety standards, MEP engineering necessitates a comprehensive understanding of various domains. Moreover, MEP expertise plays a crucial role in validating the mechanical systems and performance of buildings during site selection.


Companies that prioritize their employees naturally attract top-tier talent. Our philosophy regarding health and wellness design integrates advanced measures such as enhanced ventilation systems, real-time air quality monitoring, and meticulous tracking of safe occupancy levels.

Our team of global, in-house experts at 6t5 Workspace comprises electrical, mechanical, and IT infrastructure engineers, along with network systems, A/V, laboratory, construction management, and sustainability specialists.


A truly integrated workspace involves incorporating elements such as IT and A/V requirements from the initial design stages. This interdisciplinary coordination results in more flexible, adaptable workspaces and minimizes the necessity for costly revisions as client needs evolve. By harnessing the collective expertise of our personnel, we offer comprehensive project solutions, encompassing:


– Mechanical systems
– HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning)
– Plumbing
– Electrical installations
– Laboratory utilities
– Emergency power provisions
– Data cabling
– Network infrastructure
– Telecommunications
– Audio-visual systems
– Critical IT infrastructure


Our team is dedicated to fulfilling your project’s MEP engineering requirements, crafting intuitive, adaptable, and conducive environments where individuals can connect, collaborate, and excel in their work.

Creating sustainable spaces is a fundamental aspect of our ethos at 6t5 Workspace. We implement environmentally-friendly principles within our own offices and endeavor to extend the same commitment to our global clients, fostering responsible business growth.

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