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Office design

Bring your office design vision to life

For over 15 years, 6t5 Workspace has been dedicated to crafting office spaces that inspire and empower individuals. Office design is at the core of our identity and has propelled us beyond traditional boundaries into innovation hubs, laboratories, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and beyond.


We firmly believe that every workspace should serve as a catalyst for businesses and individuals to reach their maximum potential. That’s why we persistently explore new ideas and push the boundaries of innovation. Because office design isn’t just about the physical environment or where work happens, but about shaping the future of work, whether in the office, at home, or anywhere in between. With the landscape of work evolving at an unprecedented pace, now is the time to lead the way.

Our office design process at 6t5 Workspace:

Step 1: Preparation & Briefing: We commence by gathering a comprehensive project brief for your office design. This is followed by a site visit, building survey, and virtual space capture. Subsequently, we undertake MEP brief, due diligence, and gap analysis. Finally, we convene for a visioning session to delve into the specifics of your workplace.


Step 2: Conceptual Design: We collaborate with you to review the design intent. A test fit is conducted to ensure the office floorplan aligns with your requirements. We then embark on developing the look and feel of the concept design. Upon finalizing the layout, we submit permits for approval and organize a feedback session with you.


Step 3: Design & Development: We utilize 3D modeling and visualization to animate your office design. An architectural design pack containing finishes and samples is curated. Aligning with key dates and budget parameters, we present these developments to you for approval.


Step 4: Technical Design: We gather and integrate all feedback on your office design, reconvening for a meticulous page-by-page review of blueprints and design documents. We meticulously coordinate to ensure seamless integration and resolve any potential clashes. Detailed construction drawings are then produced, synchronized with 3D models and feedback, and presented to you in a comprehensive final presentation.


Step 5: Handover & Ongoing Support: We continue to oversee and manage your site, coordinating subcontractors, conducting workshops, and obtaining approvals for shop drawings. Our team conducts thorough snagging and quality checks, compiling “As-built” information. We introduce you to our “Day Two” team for ongoing support. Finally, we facilitate a project learning session to review your office design with the entire team.

Creating sustainable spaces is a fundamental aspect of our ethos at 6t5 Workspace. We implement environmentally-friendly principles within our own offices and endeavor to extend the same commitment to our global clients, fostering responsible business growth.

Next, we outline some of the top people-centric design considerations for creating a new office:


Sustainable office design
Creating sustainable office design is an essential part of our ethos. We practice environmentally-friendly concepts in our own offices and also strive to do the same for our global clients to support responsible business growth.


Inclusive office design
Inclusive office design must consider areas of diversity such as age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, neurodiversity, race, ethnicity, and more. It contributes to every facet of an organization, including innovation, leadership, brand, and the bottom line.


Hybrid working
As many organizations transform their real-estate strategies in response to shifting demands, hybrid working offers adaptable workplace solutions. Learn more about the benefits this agility can bring.

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