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Delivering Sustainable Workplaces that Benefit Both People and the Planet

Every design choice we make holds significance for both individuals and the environment. As pioneers in workplace sustainability, we at 6t5 Workspace continuously challenge ourselves to conceptualize and construct projects that minimize our environmental footprint while simultaneously facilitating optimal work performance. Sustainability isn’t just a checkbox for us; it’s ingrained in our core identity and permeates every aspect of our operations.

Our Approach to Sustainable Interior Design and Architecture

We adopt a holistic, lifecycle-oriented approach to sustainability, mirroring the integrated ethos that defines our firm. Our considerations span from site selection and meticulous due diligence to design, material selection, construction practices, and the long-term operation, maintenance, and repair of the building. We meticulously curate our supply chain, collaborating closely with clients and vendors to align project goals with decarbonization efforts.


From offering portfolio advisory services to executing design and build projects, we are committed to minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency with each endeavor. We assist our clients in envisioning corporate sustainability objectives, assisting them in establishing global targets for their real estate ventures, from initial delivery and occupancy to ongoing operations and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting.

Sustainability and decarbonization services provided by 6t5 Workspace include:


Sustainability visioning and strategic planning
Site selection and thorough due diligence
Management throughout the project lifecycle
Planning for future use
Carbon footprint assessment and accounting
Achieving net zero emissions
Reporting on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors
Strategic planning and process implementation
Assessment and reduction of embodied carbon
Management and reduction of operational carbon
Optimization of services
Utilization of space analytics
Implementation of circular design principles
Specification of low carbon materials and technologies
Delivery of projects with zero carbon emissions
Planning and design for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Creating sustainable spaces is a fundamental aspect of our ethos at 6t5 Workspace. We implement environmentally-friendly principles within our own offices and endeavor to extend the same commitment to our global clients, fostering responsible business growth.

How 6t5 Workspace is Advancing Sustainable Design

Our commitment to sustainability at 6t5 Workspace is globally recognized, with our award-winning efforts setting a benchmark in the industry. Through our innovative “living labs,” we continuously experiment and refine sustainable solutions. With millions of square feet of certified constructions and hundreds of accredited projects under our belt, our team of WELL, LEED, and BREEAM professionals is dedicated to promoting sustainability in the built environment.


Recognizing the urgent threat of climate change, we are aligned with the COP26 1.5°C Climate Action commitment. With each project, we challenge ourselves to minimize our climate impact, prioritizing material consciousness and efficient energy usage in our practice.

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