To foster innovation
To bring out the best in people
To leave a positive impact
To promote sustainability at work
To build your brand and your business
To curate environments for increased productivity and efficiency.


Leading the evolution of workplace technology

6t5 Workspace utilizes cutting-edge workplace technology to elevate your space’s experience. Introducing a digital layer that enhances comfort and customization for your workforce, while seamlessly connecting you with vital data for enhanced responsiveness.


From determining optimal space utilization to facilitating the transition to hybrid work models and managing ESG reporting, workplace technology offers a pathway to a safer, more sustainable workplace experience. By aligning your workspace requirements with the needs of your workforce and business objectives, our technology solutions enable ongoing feedback, analysis, and improvement, ensuring maximum utilization of your space.


These solutions encompass:


ESG carbon/energy reporting and reduction strategies

Integration of digital twin technology

Data storage, accessibility, and analysis

Indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring

Health and wellness certifications such as RESET and WELL

Analysis and recommendations for psychological safety

Insights on occupancy, space utilization, and employee satisfaction/experience

Across our global living labs, 6t5 Workspace has extensively experimented with our own scalable technology platform, employing data to facilitate continuous adaptation and fortify resilience.


Empower your team to navigate the evolving workplace dynamics and unleash their full potential. Leverage your environment to curate outstanding experiences, foster ongoing enhancements, and cultivate an engaged community.

Creating sustainable spaces is a fundamental aspect of our ethos at 6t5 Workspace. We implement environmentally-friendly principles within our own offices and endeavor to extend the same commitment to our global clients, fostering responsible business growth.

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