To foster innovation
To bring out the best in people
To leave a positive impact
To promote sustainability at work
To build your brand and your business
To curate environments for increased productivity and efficiency.

Workplace strategy

Crafting a Strategy for Work Transformation

Whether you’re tackling a single office or an entire real estate portfolio, a robust workplace strategy is instrumental in aligning with strategic business goals and the overarching vision for your workforce. At the heart of our approach lies the utilization of workplace strategy to fashion high-performing workplace designs. Our endeavors often center on fostering exceptional employee experiences and catalyzing shifts in work dynamics. Furthermore, we leverage workplace strategies to fortify our clients’ real estate holdings, equipped with insights into how people operate, facilitating informed decisions regarding spatial requirements and future adaptability.


At 6t5 Workspace, we initiate comprehensive dialogues with our clients, delving into the realms of people, culture, and performance. Armed with a deep understanding of your aspirations and necessities, we devise strategies aimed at crafting workplaces that ignite innovation and propel success. Collaboration with both leadership and employees is paramount in our approach, gathering data that serves as a linchpin in validating project-critical concepts.

The Advantages of a Thoughtful Workplace Strategy

Collaborating closely with design and delivery teams, our strategists formulate cohesive plans that effectively meet project objectives. These encompass:


  • – Guiding organizational transitions within the workplace
  • – Enhancing performance and nurturing a conducive culture
  • – Streamlining planning strategies for optimal utilization
  • – Crafting comprehensive design briefs for multi-location endeavors
  • – Addressing technological needs within the workplace
  • – Crafting sustainability and wellness frameworks
  • – Defining the brand journey within the workspace

An increasing number of businesses are seeking to fortify their distinct culture and elevate employees' feelings of belonging and identity. 6t5 Workspace has been actively pursuing this objective through our strategy services and workplace projects.

Our Comprehensive Workplace Strategy Services

We offer an all-encompassing suite of workplace strategy services, spanning from initial briefing to final design:


– Facilitating transformative shifts within organizations to drive workplace metamorphosis

– Engaging employees in the process to bolster culture and morale

– Upholding organizational values like innovation and sustainability

– Assisting business leaders in making swift, well-informed decisions pertaining to the workplace

– Crafting corporate real estate strategies tailored to enterprise clients


We aid clients in envisioning the future of workspaces, illuminating the rationale behind evolving paradigms. Our aim is to foster creativity, collaborate towards achieving business goals, and architect a holistic workplace strategy that enriches the experience of every employee. Through our methodologies, we craft design solutions that seamlessly translate into tangible business performance enhancements.

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